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My goal moving forward 

It’s 5:45am on a Tuesday morning and something is pressing my mind…..

I love to write but to be honest I don’t always feel like doing the things that I love. I want to promote positivity but I do not always have positive thoughts which is why I tend to go so long without posting anything. The anxiety kicks in and the depression kicks in and I have no desire to do anything else. Nor do I have the focus to do anything else. I do not believe in New Years resolutions but I do believe that any day can be a new beginning for you if you so wish. So here I am (once again) starting a new beginning for myself.

This might be the end of the year but it’s just the beginning for me. I learned so many lessons last year. I learned to love myself all over again. I learned about my standards and expectations for my life and those in my life. I sorted out a lot of things and a lot of fears I have. And moving forward I only plan on growing more and throwing myself in situations I would usually run away from and I’m going to start with sharing more about me with my readers.

I want you guys to know more and understand more about this single black girl from Cali that struggles with mental illness but still keeps it pushing. I want the world to see and understand more about people like me so that one day that stigma around mental health especially in the black community will be erased. I want those who are suffering from things as well to know they are not alone and to know you don’t have to be ashamed of it and avoid asking for help.

I want to share more of my experiences and lessons learned from dating and life , my mistakes and my triumphs. Life is not easy , love isn’t easy and I have been through things and seen others go through things.

If your reading this right now than please know I appreciate you and one of my goals for myself is to share more with you and to be more personable and consistent. I want my readers to feel like they know more to me than my blog and my Instagram quotes. I try to write things that are relatable but how can people relate to someone they barely know ? I know this seems easy enough but fun fact about me I am an extremely private person and I don’t care for much attention. So bare with me ! Lol

Thanks for reading and I hope you subscribe!

– Nikki